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Our Biopools service is a FULL service operation where our expert team does EVERYTHING. They’ll clean the pool, the filters and check the water chemistry each week (3 visits per week normally) to ensure the pool and the water is in perfect condition.


We use the latest state-of-the-art ELECTRONIC testing equipment to ensure no mistakes or errors in judgment which can often be the case with old titration technologies. With the old Colour tests a person’s opinion of which color shade is correctly matched can vary wildly! An electronic number is very definitive, exact and PROFESSIONAL!

Our teams are trained to manage the water chemistry weekly and perform preventative remediation and actions rather than having to fix a problem after the fact. 

This is important because:

  • Keeping the water chemistry balanced and within the proper  internationally recognized parameters is generally accepted as a minimum standard, not an extra or expensive privilege. With our BioPools service you'll have it all taken care of by a trained professional. 
  • The "health of your pool" is not ONLY determined by how clear the water looks. This can be deceiving because a high 'load' of poisonous chemicals that you possibly cannot see in your water can often be as harmful to you as the microorganisms you are trying to prevent. 
  • Toxic and/or Carcinogenic chemicals have very viable alternatives these days and these are what we choose to use.
  • Well managed and balanced water chemistry is in many ways like a well maintained machine, once it is in tune and synchronized, it purrs along smoothly. Similarly, an unbalanced system's problems create more problems and those compound into even bigger issues. 

What are the important parameters for well-balanced water chemistry in your pool or Jacuzzi? Click here.