What is a biopool?



erics biopoolA BioPool is a pool or spa/Jacuzzi that uses biological based chemistries to keep your water clean and free from microorganisms and does not use chlorine or chlorine producing chemistries or mechanisms.

Essential water chemistries such as pH EC, TDS, and Total Alkalinity are still monitored and managed in the normal manner with each appropriate counterbalancing element.

Biopools Thailand Co., Ltd converts your traditional swimming pool into a BioPool by eliminating the chlorine and replacing it with a biopolymer. In most cases here in Chonburi Thailand it is necessary to balance your water first as most pools are rarely tested for their water chemistry let alone balanced correctly, however it only takes an hour or two to balance the water correctly, clean the filters correctly and then neutralize the chlorine and then convert to a BioPool. 





  • There is no strong chemical taste nor smell in a BioPool.
  • Swimmers don’t need goggles nor facemasks as there is no irritant nor highly toxic or carcinogenic chemicals or by-products in the water of a BioPool.
  • Swimmers usually notice a big difference in their hair and skin after swimming in a BioPool, gone are the dried out hair and itchy skin irritations.
  • BioPools are thermo-tolerant (the heat and strong UV sunlight in Thailand is not detremental), pH tollerant (completely stable in a very wide range of pH) and also only minimally affected by heavy rainfall as there are normally no redox or oxidizing elements in your water.
  • Your pool chemistry is tested and managed each week, (see here for more info) ensuring safe and healthy pool chemistry and a comfortable experience for you.



Currently we are only offering the BioPool service in the province of Chonburi Thailand, if you are interested in BioPools elsewhere in Thailand drop us a line here and we’ll put you on the interested parties list and notify you when the service is starting in your region.