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Throw away your swimming goggles and masks, you will not be getting red eyes, damaged hair nor itchy skin from swimming in your BioPool!

BioPools is a very credible alternative to  the tired old Chlorine or Salt Water Chlorine pool services in Chonburi Thailand. 

We are a full service business that provides you and your pool with:

  • Full maintenance and pool care without using Chlorine
  • Professionally monitored and balanced water chemistry
  • Swimming pool water with no chemical taste nor smell

Our professionally trained staff attending to your pool regularly throughout each week for approx. 1 hour - 3 times a week. 

Convert your swimming pool to a BioPool today:

  • No new equipment required (assuming your current equipment is working correctly)
  • Quick and easy conversion you can be swimming in 1 hour.
  • No more chlorine, chlorine derivatives or chlorine producing products
  • No more red eyes, itchy skin, strong chemical odors etc.
  • Currently ONLY available in the greater Pattaya - Chonburi region (click here for the map)

Contact us today and join the “Evolutionary” progress


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